How sustainable are Paper Shades?

Obviously we care a lot about the environment, otherwise we wouldn’t have bothered to start Paper Shades. Sustainability is a key focus of the brand and where some uses of plastics cannot be avoided, we have an ongoing strategy to phase out its use in place of more sustainable alternatives. Lets break it down:

The base of our frames are made from 100% recycled paper. The outer cosmetic layer is made from either natural materials, virgin paper, or other recycled materials depending on the design. All glues used are non-toxic and free of VOC’s.

In the latest revision of our designs, hinges are constructed from steel and PET - It is important to note that these parts are not over-molded, meaning that these materials are not physically bonded together and can be easily separated for recycling. The grade of steel we use can be recycled or will corrode and breakdown with 40 years. PET is the same material used in most drinks bottles and is widely accepted for recycling around the world.

For safety purposes our lenses are made from high quality poly carbonate which can also be recycled.

What level of protection do the lenses provide?

Our lenses are made from high quality polycarbonate and provide UV400 protection.

What is the warranty of Paper Shades?

Paper Shades are designed to last a season, depending on however much care you give them just like any other product. Avoid water and keep stored in their packaging when not worn and they shall stay sturdy and fresh whenever you need them!

How sweat proof are we talking about?

The interior surface layer is water resistant but if you're planning on going swimming, think again... 

Shipping location not listed?

If your shipping location is not listed, get in touch and we will do our best to make your shipping location viable. It shouldn’t be a problem as we’ve even shipped to Antarctica.

What if my computer breaks down during purchase?

If you do not receive a payment confirmation of course we want to help you as far as we can, however we do not claim any liability for any technical failures.

When will my order arrive?

All orders are sent from Hong Kong via registered post. Once an order is received it is sent within 2 working days. Delivery time depends on the destination however expect around 2-3 days local (Hong Kong) delivery and 7-14 days for international. 

How do I track my order?

Upon every purchase Paper Shades will send a payment confirmation and tracking number once the order has been dispatched. Shipments can be tracked using the provided tracking number via the link below.

Can I cancel an item from my order?

Once a confirmation of payment has been received, there is a NO REFUND NO RETURNS POLICY.