Having worked in design for over 10 years, I have spent a considerable amount of time in product development and production. It was never pleasant watching how much waste is created in the process. It was also painful to see products mis-matching with out dated business models that just weren't making sense anymore. I wanted to create a product which was more sustainable for both practical use and the business model.

Paper Shades gives the consumer greater variety at more reasonable prices, protecting the environment, and supporting a sustainable business model.


I’m not a designer, I’m a fitness & health enthusiast. I was inspired by my brothers knowledge to turn a simple idea as a drawing into a functional sustainable product, which always had a story. Before Paper Shades, I watched us both struggle with the challenges of being a one-man show in our previous start-ups and it became clear that we both needed the expertise of each other... and here we are, making eco-friendly sunglasses!

Not just mass produced and mailed, we personally ensure every pair of sunglasses are delivered at the highest quality. Join us on our venture to create less waste and build a solid community of eco-awareness!